Interior design for office, retail and home.


01 Ethos

An interior space can influence how we think, how we feel and how we act, both consciously and unconsciously. It can be the foundation of a hard-working office or a tranquil home. At Aia-Studio we honour space and the impact it has on the lives who inhabit it.


02 Projects


Aia-Studio is the interior design practice of designer - Matthew Hall. 


I create interior design solutions with an emphasis on aesthetic, practicality and function.

Taking a holistic approach to projects, I can manage the entire process from first stage concept to final completion. Alternatively I can step in at any stage if required. Services include: research, design, 3D visualisation, sourcing, manufacturing and implementation.

I Work with highly skilled manufacturers 
and have a network of great suppliers - from flooring specialists to furniture providers.

With these carefully selected partners we can achieve a visually striking, immaculately executed and truly bespoke interior, that suits the need of the individual. 'All in all' it's perfectly designed space.

I work directly with clients on bespoke projects and offer a freelance service to agencies. 


Let's work together on your next project,

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